How Do Other Countries Approach Medical Marijuana?

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The United States has been slowly, but steadily, adopting more of a friendly approach to marijuana laws and reform. As of the last couple years now the majority of all of our states have medical marijuana programs, and a few have even legalized recreational marijuana. The scientific research is all out there, but unfortunately now it’s just all about breaking down the social stigmas that were fabricated over the last several decades. In this article we will discuss a handful of countries around the world that have open minds about marijuana.

Our Canadian Neighbors Up North In A Cannabis Oasis

Back in 2018 Canada legalized marijuana on a federal level. Marijuana growers can obtain licenses to cultivate marijuana from the government, but the production and distribution of medical cannabis is controlled from province to province. The industry is booming throughout the country, and financial experts estimate the annual revenue in this market to go above $4billion this year!

Jamaica – The Birthplace of Reggae Music

This one is kind of expected, but Jamaica decriminalized marijuana in 2015. Tourists often see people smoking marijuana all over the place in Jamaica. Even more progressive, if you are in the Rastafarian religion you have religious exemption and can legally possess and consume as much weed as you want, it’s all good!

Belize – A Land Of Dense Jungles And Sandy Beaches

Marijuana is not legal recreationally in Belize, but they have decriminalized marijuana. The possession of marijuana in quantities equal to or less than 10 grams is decriminalized.

Cambodia – Where Dining Out Gets Green

If you enjoy your marijuana, Cambodia is a wonderful place to be. Although it is technically illegal in Cambodia, cannabis is generally culturally accepted. Also, many restaurant menus feature items labeled as “Happy” which means it has marijuana in it.

Portugal – The Country That Literally Allows Everything

Dramatically different from many countries, Portugal has actually decriminalized the use of all drugs over 20 years ago. In Portugal you are allowed to carry up to 25 grams of marijuana on you at any time.

In conclusion, there are several other countries around the world with open minds about marijuana and its potential help rather than harm. We touched down on 5 specific nations aside from the US on the topic of 420-friendliness. Here in the US Florida residents can rely on Canna Doctors of America for medical marijuana cards. If you live in the Tampa Metro area, and have a qualifying condition, book your appointment for your consultation today. We offer same day appointments and are here to help you find the relief you need!

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