Tampa’s Top 3 Marijuana Strains for Laser-Sharp Concentration and Focus

Medicinal cannabis with extract oil in a bottle

Marijuana’s portrayal in pop culture has projected stereotypes of cannabis users as being lazy, unmotivated individuals. Often shown as “the guy on the couch” or someone who chooses to not contribute much to society. If you’re a medical card holder reading this, you obviously know that stereotype does not apply to everyone who uses marijuana.

As we addressed in previous blog posts, many medical marijuana users in fact use cannabis to be able to get through their work day, and are quite valuable contributions to society. That being said, you may not want to eat indica edibles or smoke indica strains if you need to stay alert and dialed in for a project or task. The strain being a sativa dominant one is a very important element to pay attention to. In this article we will discuss the top 3 medical marijuana strains for extreme focus and concentration.

Focus On Work With Cinderella 99

The medical marijuana strain Cinderella 99, aka “Cindy”, is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Cinderella 99 has consistently been ranked high by Florida medical card holders in Tampa as being one of the best daytime smoking strains. This is because of how happy, euphoric, and uplifted patients feel after treatment. This strain is very well known for its cerebral high, promoting focus when you need it most. The taste of this cannabis strain is both sweet and earthy. We recommend this marijuana strain when you want to feel inspired for your projects and maintain concentration throughout the process.

Get Out And Socialize Using Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze, sometimes abbreviated to SLH, is a sativa-dominant hybrid used by many medical marijuana patients in Clearwater, FL and throughout the Tampa Metropolitan area. This strain combines Lemon Skunk with the well-known strain Super Silver Haze. Medical marijuana users in Clearwater rate this as one of the more functional strains, promoting both happiness and giving the patient energy. The taste can be described as well balanced between tart and sweet. Canna Doctors of America recommends this strain for social events where you might need a pick-me-up to stay engaged.

Get The Job Done While Medicating With Shipwreck

The medical marijuana strain Shipwreck is well-known both in Florida and throughout the country as an excellent cannabis variety for focus. Shipwreck is a full sativa strain known for a very uplifting strain of medical marijuana. This strain is well known in the Tampa area for promoting calming effects while also providing patients with laser-sharp focus. This may be the strain for you if your job requires sitting focused on a single project. Shipwreck is also known to encourage energy and creativity for medical card holders. Also, this strain is considered to be sweet in taste, with hints of skunky aroma.

In conclusion, the above three strains are well known in the Tampa metro area for heightened focus and concentration. Super Lemon Haze has its own focus-forward benefits, helping folks get out to events or neighborhood socializing. Cinderella 99 is another sativa-dominant hybrid known locally by medical card holders to help with concentration and inspiration. Last, Shipwreck is a full sativa strain that really delivers high levels of focus when needed. If you need a medical marijuana card in Tampa Bay, contact Canna Doctors of America today!

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