What Are The Different Medical Benefits Comparing CBD To THC?

What Are The Different Medical Benefits Comparing CBD To THC?

Top level information for all medical marijuana users, CBD (formally known as Cannabidiol) is the part of the cannabis plant with low THC (mind altering cannabinoids). There is a lot of talk about whether or not CBD has similar effects to that of its cannabinoid cousin, THC. When comparing the medical benefits of CBD to THC, as a Florida medical marijuana patient, you must evaluate what ailments you are trying to treat.

The long list of medicinal benefits of marijuana is enough to fill many pages, but breaking down the individual components of this magic plant is an interesting botanical journey. THC is typically a more noticeable mind-altering experience, vs. CBD products which have more mellow effects. It all depends on what medical conditions you need to treat with medical marijuana.

CBD Promotes Relaxation, Mental Health, and Reduces Seizure Effects

CBD cannabis products do not provide the “high” that THC products are known for. Despite that clear difference on the psychoactive side, CBD can indeed promote deep relaxation and has been used to reduce depression or anxiety. Individual results for certain products do vary, as we all have unique biological makeup, but you can usually count on CBD products to help with these issues.

One very important medicinal effect of CBD vs THC, is CBD products’ anti-seizure effects. Many studies have shown CBD to reduce seizures in a wide range of treatment-resistant pediatric epilepsy patients. This is not the case with high THC products, which alternatively can be used for an even longer list of ailments.

THC Helps Alleviate Chronic Pain

One key differentiator in THC over CBD is THC’s euphoric effects and chronic pain relief. Although CBD can have variations of these effects, high THC products are usually the go-to for serious back pain, arthritis, and other various chronic pain conditions. For the sake of keeping this article concise, we will not go to the full list of all CBD benefits and THC benefits. The key takeaway is that both CBD and THC each have their own benefits and reasons to stick to each channel for certain conditions.

Choosing the Right Cannabinoid for Your Needs

There are CBD: THC ratio products as well. These will have varying amounts of CBD and high-THC to reap the benefits of both parts of the cannabis plant. The ratio products can be in the form of edibles, smokeable flower, vaporizers, or capsules. There are a number of reasons to leverage this method if you want to get the best of both cannabinoids.

As a medical marijuana card holder in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa, you can purchase a wide range of CBD or THC products. The THC products at your Tampa dispensary will be clearly labeled as THC products or potentially a ratio of CBD to THC. An industry term used for CBD products is “low-THC cannabis products”. Here is a brief list of CBD/low-THC cannabis products available in Florida medical dispensaries:

  • CBD Chocolates
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Vaporizers
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Smokable Flower
  • CBD Topical Cream

To summarize, there is a wide range of symptoms and ailments CBD can be used for, and it’s important to note the benefits of CBD vs THC for certain conditions. Each cannabinoid has its own benefits and uses. If you have any questions about which products to use for your current conditions, consult with your physician at Canna Doctors of America. We are here to help you get the compassionate care you need!

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