What Can Medical Patients Legally Possess When In Public?

What Can Medical Patients Legally Possess When In Public?

Since Florida medical marijuana laws are signature to the Sunshine State, it’s crucial to do your research before traveling with your medical stash. Nonetheless, as a hard and fast rule, never leave the State of Florida with your medical cannabis products. It is illegal to possess medical marijuana products beyond state boundaries. In this article, Canna Doctors of America will break down the dos and don’ts around medical marijuana possession in Florida. If you currently have a medical card in Tampa, or plan to get one, this post is a high-value read.

The 35-day maximum supply of medical marijuana in smoking form (flower) is 2.5 ounces. You may possess all of this at one time while in public, however the packaging should be sealed as it was when you received it at the dispensary. Doctor exemptions for patients can be made to purchase up to 4 ounces in a 35-day period, but those special allowances are on a case-by-case basis, based on your consumption and need for treatment. You may also possess varying amounts, measured in different increments, of the below medical marijuana products:

  • THC Edibles
  • CBD/THC 1:1 Ratio Products
  • Marijuana Concentrates
  • THC Topical Creams
  • Oral THC Capsules
  • Marijuana Tinctures
  • THC Suppositories
  • Vaporized Products

All Florida medical marijuana patients have the right to possess all prescribed items en route home from the medical marijuana dispensary. This is the case if you have a valid medical marijuana prescription, and as long as all products are still sealed in tamper-proof containers sold by state approved medical marijuana dispensaries. If you use your medical card to make a purchase in St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Clearwater, keep the packaging sealed to comply with state regulations. Never take your prescription label off of your medical marijuana products.

You can take your legally prescribed amounts to and from places other than your home, however it’s crucial to understand that Florida Medical Marijuana Laws clearly prohibit using your high-THC marijuana products in public or on any modes of public transportation. CBD products do not fall under this, as most low-THC cannabis products can indeed be used in public if the area allows smoking or vaping. The low-THC products are still best to avoid near courthouses, schools, or any government buildings.

As required by law, you must provide your Medical Marijuana Use Registry Card to any law enforcement officers upon request. To play it safe, always carry your medical marijuana card on you wherever you are – regardless of your shopping plans that day. This next part is crucial: you MUST, and this is an absolute MUST, continue with recertifications to meet the standards for possession of medical marijuana in public. If you lapse, but are out in public possessing medical cannabis, you are at risk of legal consequences.

In conclusion, it’s best to ask your medical marijuana doctor when in doubt of what you can possess in public throughout the Tampa Metro Area. You may have a special amount of grams or milligrams allotted for each category, depending on your medical cannabis prescriptions. At Canna-Doctors of America, we don’t want to see any patients have legal issues, so we recommend staying within those bounds. We are here to help. Feel free to contact us today to set up your medical marijuana consultation. Same day appointments are available, Book Now!