Cooking with Medical Marijuana: The Basics

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Every medical marijuana patient has their favorite route for medical marijuana consumption based on their symptoms, but edibles are an excellent delivery method for many reasons. If you want to bake your own cannabis infused edibles, you’ll want to process this blog entry. There are many ways to prepare your cannabis treats, but it’s crucial to learn the basics for cooking with marijuana. This article will discuss the basics of mary jane in the kitchen, so you get the results you need.

Getting Started With Your Homemade Medical Marijuana Edibles

First start with your dosage of medical marijuana. Experts agree to start small with your dosage, so we recommend going with a quarter ounce to start. Most home edible bakers prefer the oven to heat their marijuana to the proper temperature. This process of heating the herb is called decarboxylation. This is how you get the TCHa activated in your cannabis.

You can use several other cooking methods, but if you’re going with the oven stick to these important steps. Break your medical marijuana into small pieces spread out on a cookie sheet. Set your oven to 225 degrees and bake for 45 minutes to properly decarb your cannabis. You’ll know that it’s ready as your home fills with a very comforting nutty and woody aroma. That smell means it’s time to take your medical cannabis out of the oven to make some edibles.

Add Your Medical Marijuana To Your Favorite Foods and Baked Goods

In general, medical cannabis is added to recipes by combining the decarbed herb to oil or butter. By rule of thumb use an equal parts ratio of the prepped cannabis to oil. When you add 1 cup of medical marijuana, use 1 cup of oil. This will make for proper proportions and not give you too much of that cannabis taste. The key here is to actually taste your magnificent baked goods, pasta, toast, or whatever you’re preparing. Don’t over-herb your meal or snack, because food is the spice of life!

Medical marijuana patients in Florida can benefit from cooking with cannabis for a number of reasons. Enjoy your home cooked medical cannabis however you please in whatever dish you can think up. You’ll find it to be incredibly effective for a wide range of symptoms, from chronic back pain to migraines and more. Simply visit your dispensary with your medical card, and get some flower to get started. Grind, bake, eat, and if you’re so inclined, wash, rinse, and repeat.

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