Traveling With Florida Medical Marijuana

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The landscape for marijuana possession in the Sunshine State has dramatically changed since our medical marijuana program got approved. Many medical marijuana patients have limitations from highly uncomfortable medical conditions, and as result some leisure activities may be out of reach. Despite some qualifying conditions putting a limit on patients’ abilities, travel should still be an option.

If there are any places outside your hometown you still want to see, you can travel with your Florida approved medical marijuana products. Florida has a lot of places to go and magical sights to see, so don’t let your needing medication throughout the day hold you back! There are just some guidelines to follow when traveling with Florida medical cannabis. This article will discuss the do’s and don’ts for traveling with your prescribed cannabis.

Can You Leave Florida With Medical Marijuana?

Florida medical cannabis products are under a strict magnifying glass from law enforcement groups and government authorities. Because of this, it’s best to follow every rule set out by the Florida Health Department. Deviating from the rules clearly laid out by Florida law can result in criminal charges. The short answer: NO you cannot leave Florida with your medical marijuana products.

Do not ever cross the Florida state boundaries with your prescribed medical marijuana, this is a huge legal risk. Even if it’s just for a quick trip to a destination close to the border, it’s just not worth it. Florida medical marijuana products are only legal to possess within the State of Florida, bottom line. To be safe, always keep your cannabis products at home or safely secured in vehicle storage while in the fine state of Florida.

Driving With Medical Marijuana In The Tampa Bay Area

If you have your medical card in Florida, you can travel anywhere throughout the state with your prescribed cannabis products. There are however rules to follow to ensure you don’t get in trouble. Remember, marijuana is still a controlled substance to authority figures throughout the state, so if you don’t follow the rules you can get busted – regardless of medical card status. If you are driving in Tampa, St. Petersburg, or anywhere in Florida, having marijuana outside labeled prescription packaging is illegal. This could incur a marijuana possession charge, a criminal offense in the State of Florida.

The summary here is that you can indeed travel with Florida medical marijuana products, but only within state boundaries. Just keep the pot in the marked packaging with your name on it. Keep it simple and play it safe – you can travel anywhere in the Sunshine State with your medicine if you follow those rules. To obtain your medical marijuana card in Tampa or the surrounding area, call Canna Doctors of America at 855-949-2266 or use our booking tool.

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