Benefits to Using THC to CBD Ratio and CBN Products


Once you get your medical card in Clearwater, you can explore a wide range of medical marijuana products. The Gulf Coast hosts a huge inventory of medical cannabis retailers. With so many options, it can get overwhelming where to start, what brands to try, and determining which products to use for treatment. First thing, always ask your medical marijuana doctor what they recommend for your qualifying condition. Beyond that, this article will expand on the benefits to using THC to CBD ratio products. Additionally we will touch down on the benefits of CBN, the often forgotten cannabinoid.

THC to CBD Ratio Medical Cannabis Products

To begin with, THC to CBD ratio products are often referred to as ‘1:1 ratio’ because the most common ratio of THC cannabinoids to CBD is equal, 1:1. However, that is not the only combination. There are many medical marijuana products that actually only come in higher CBD to THC ratio for different reasons, and vice versa. Some vaporizer products may be higher CBD to THC ratio to make them more of a daytime medical marijuana treatment, since CBD cannabis products does not provide the euphoric “high” THC products are known for. There is a vast selection of ratio products for this purpose of not delivering such powerful psychoactive results, but still reaping the benefits of symptom relief.

Using THC to CBD ratio edible cannabis products seems to also yield great results for folks who seem to get anxious from high THC edibles. The CBD component of the THC to CBD ratio products promotes relaxation, helping an anxious user stay mellow from the effects. A lot of medical cannabis users like to consume THC to CBD 1:1 ratio products for their nighttime routine, especially if they have trouble sleeping from their qualifying condition.

CBN Products For Longer, Restful Sleep

Do you have insomnia? Or issues getting to sleep from your chronic pain or nausea? Florida medical marijuana dispensaries now sell a less known cannabinoid product, CBN, for qualifying conditions that prevent patients from getting restful sleep. Let’s face it, no matter what your health concerns are, a full night’s rest is absolutely paramount to getting better long or short term.

CBN cannabis products contain an element from the cannabis plan that promotes long, restful sleep. So in other words, you don’t wake up and have any issues getting back to bed. CBN cannabis products have a much more sedative effect than their CBD and THC cousins. If you need more of an impact on sleep regulation, CBN products will help you with your condition. Below is a list of potential CBN or CBD to THC ratio products:

  • Vaporizers
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Smokable flower
  • Capsules

Broadening Your Medical Marijuana Horizons

To summarize on the topic of THC to CBD ratio products, there are a lot of combinations of a ratio between the two cannabinoids. Some folks with qualifying conditions who have to work outside the house prefer a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio vaporizer because of the mellow effects vs full THC cannabis. Also, 1:1 products seem to be a great introduction to edibles for those who do not have a high tolerance or experience. Last, if you need to get some incredibly restful sleep for your qualifying condition, consider trying a CBN marijuana product.

Ask your local budtender what options they have. Broaden your medical cannabis palette by tasting some of the other offerings retailers provide. If you have any questions about using CBD to THC ratio or CBN products, feel free to contact your doctor at Canna Doctors of America. We’re only a phone call away and always here to help, call us at 855-949-2266.

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