Florida Medical Marijuana Dosages and Methods


Since the arrival of medical marijuana in Florida, there have been many updates and installments to the literature surrounding it. When a Tampa medical marijuana doctor makes prescriptions for medical card holders, they are referred to as “recommendations”. The recommendations are the medical card holder’s allotted amount of that marijuana product type within a certain period. The total amount dispensed in a time period is based on average consumption or dosages of different marijuana types. This blog entry will discuss Florida medical marijuana dosages and delivery methods.

Medical Marijuana Recommendations Based on Route of Consumption

Since medical marijuana can result in very potent medication, Florida medical marijuana doctors make certain recommendations for 35 and 70 day periods depending on the consumption method. The recommendation rules in place for non-smokeable products strictly follow limits of THC levels, the primary psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

The non-smokeable products fall under the 70 day recommendation periods, whereas whole flower is in a 35 day period. For example, under Florida Medical Marijuna Registry rules for edibles, the limit is no more than 60 mg of THC daily / 4,200 mg of THC per 70-day supply. Another example in the 70 day period is vaporized medical marijuana products.

These can only be dispensed at a max of 350 mg of THC daily / 24, 500 mg of THC per 70-day period. The amount you can legally have dispensed in Florida over the set time period varies by product type. Below are some examples of non-smokable medical marijuana products:

  • THC Edibles
  • CBD/THC 1:1 Ratio Products
  • Marijuana Concentrates
  • THC Topical Creams
  • Oral THC Capsules
  • Marijuana Tinctures
  • THC Suppositories
  • Vaporized Products

As mentioned above, the limits on whole flower medical marijuana dispensation are based on a 35 day period. The true distinction is that smokable flower limitations are based on weight of the medical marijuana, vs the daily milligram dosage of THC in non-smokable products. The Florida Medical Marijuana Registry allows 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana to be dispensed in a rolling 35-day period.

Finding Out Which Consumption Methods to Use

In conclusion, as a medical marijuana patient in Clearwater, Tampa, or St. Petersburg, you can only get specific increments of medical cannabis dispensed on 35-70 day periods based on route of consumption. This depends on if it’s smokable whole flower marijuana or nonsmokable products. Your recommendations may vary based on your qualifying condition as well. If you want to find out what medical marijuana consumption method is best for you, schedule an appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor at one of our office locations. The staff here at Canna Doctors of America is here to help you get your medical card evaluation in one of our Tampa area offices.

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